Friday, July 29, 2011

Where to find Battery Powered Spy Cameras?

There is a lot of company who sale spy cameras or "nanny cams".
Pretty much all of them sale to same exact things, like pen
cameras, key chain cams and other small short-lived gadgets.
There is one place that specializes in building custom spy
cameras from scratch. They make spy cameras in their Atlanta
office. You can visit their website:

AES, Inc. is a real business with a real brick-n-mortar building.
Their have a beautiful showroom open Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm.
Their business name is: Atlantic Electronic Systems, Inc.
Their telephone number is: (770)448-3780.

On their website you'll find hundreds of premade spy cameras,
Like the Sony clock radio, the iHome ipod dock spy camera,
wicker tissue box spy camera and more. They don't do only spy
cameras either. they sale GPS Trackers, Spy Gadgets and Custom
made rechargeable battery packs as well.

when you go to their showroom in Atlanta, say hello to Russell,
James and Patrick for me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Custom Built Spy Cameras / Hidden Cams

We,, Built Custom Spy Cameras. We Know That You Want To Spy On Whoever You Want To Spy On Without Being Caught. Our Website Has A Large Amount of Spy Cameras Alright Designed For Multiple Tasks. There Are Dozens Models On Www.AtlanticElectronic.Com That You will Find Perfectly Suitable For What You Need.

We Have The Best Seller On All Time " Sony Clock Radio Spy Camera ", The " Holmes Air Purifier Spy Camera ", The " Memorex iPod Dock Spy Camera ", The " Atomic Wall Clock Spy Camera ", The " Power Charger Spy Camera ", The " First Alert Smoke Detector Spy Camera ",
" First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Spy Camera ", The Lamp, Boombox, Power Outlet, Power Receptacle, Phone And Ethernet Jack And Sooooo Many More. If There Aren't Any Cameras To Serve Your Purpose We Can Custom Build!

We Don't Have Just One Type Of Spy Camera But 10 types of Spy Cameras. We Have 320x240 Self Recording Spy Cameras , Hi Res 640x480 Self Recording Spy Camera , REALTIME 30FPS Self Recording Spy Cameras , Our New! Wireless IP Spy Cameras , 1280x1024 SnapShot Self Recording Spy Camera , Mobile Self Recording Spy Cameras , Wireless Spy Cameras And Many Many More. Www.AtlanticElectronic.Com .

Our Best Spy Cameras Are The Self Recording Spy Camera . These Cameras Record On A SD Card Upto 16GB. There Is No Need For Anything But The Camera . Take It Anywhere. Almost All Of Our Cameras Record By Motion Detect And Cut Video From Each Motion Start And Motion End. Take 5 mins And Browse Our Website, Www.AtlanticElectronic.Com . You Call Also Call Our Office 8:30-6:30 Monday Thru Saturday At: 770-448-3780

Dont Consider this An Ad.
This Is Information Only.